January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Last updated: 02 March 2022

FSA Board Meeting 8th Dec 2021 

The FSA Board met in December, things that you may want to note that were discussed; the Science Update 2021, Consumer insights 2021, the FSA Board supports action on CBD and the Advisory Committee for Social Science Update 2021, as well as updates from the Chairs of our SACs (Scientific Advisory Committees). 

CoPSAC 2021  

The revised version of the Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees and Councils (CoPSAC) has been published here on This is guidance that sets out good practice for the operation of scientific advisory committees. Thank you to all of you who contributed comments and suggestions to the process of updating and improving the CoPSAC. 

SAC Recruitment  

The FSA is recruiting for 18 new members to join our Scientific Advisory Committees with expertise in a wide range of areas. We need your help 

recruiting, the job advert is live until 13th February 2022, please share widely with your networks!  

Science Council Recruitment 

The FSA is recruiting new members to join its independent Science Council. Science Council members supply high-level, expert strategic insight, challenge and advice to the FSA’s Chief Scientific Adviser, as well as the Board and FSA Executive, on the use of science to deliver FSA objectives. Their work contributes directly to ensuring the safety of food, benefitting UK consumers and the effective, evidence-based regulation of food. Apply now and share with your networks, this call closes on 30th January 2022. 

October 2021 

21st  ACMSF Meeting  
26th  COT Meeting 

November 2021 

5th AERJEG Meeting 

12th SAC Chairs Meeting 

24th ACNFP Meeting 


December 2021 

1st AFFAJEG Meeting 

2nd FCMJEG Meeting 

7th COT Meeting 
9th FSA Science Council 10th Open Meeting 

13th Lay members meeting  

Recent Publications from across the FSA 

Consumer Handwashing Research: Handwashing in a Pandemic 
The Food Standards Agency with Ipsos Mori carried out research in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to monitor consumer hand hygiene behaviour during the pandemic. 

What drives consumers to eat food after the use by date has expired? 
The FSA's latest qualitative research on use by dates is now available online. It used an innovative smartphone app to conduct ethnographic research during a period with COVID restrictions. 

SETE Report  

The SETE working group of the COT and COC (Committee on the Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment) published its report that looks to supply pragmatic guidance that can be used by expert advisory committees for synthesis and integration of epidemiological and toxicological evidence. 

Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Selected Ready-to-Eat Foods 

The FSA have published a Fera-led research study on antimicrobial resistant genes in ready-to-eat foods. The microbiological risk assessment team are currently thinking about how to use what has been learned in this study and apply it to future research and surveillance. 

Consultation on ‘may contain’  
The FSA has launched a consultation to gather views from businesses and consumers on the use of precautionary allergen information and labels, often written as “may contain” on food packaging. 

COT Annual Report  

The 2020 annual report from the COT/COC/COM was published in December.  

Food Sensitive Study Wave 1 Report 

Survey findings exploring the impact of food hypersensitivity on quality of life.  

Healthy and Sustainable Diets 

Consumer poll in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to understand consumer behaviours and attitudes in relation to healthy and sustainable diets. 

Food and You 2: Wales  and Food and You 2: Northern Ireland  

Country specific reports outlining key findings from waves 1-2 of Food and You 2. 

Consumer insights report 

Findings from various tracking surveys to understand consumer’s behaviours and attitudes about food insecurity, food availability, concern, and confidence in the food supply chain. This report pulls together the findings from these surveys, including recent data from our COVID-19 consumer tracker, and from our newly established ‘Consumer Insights tracking survey’ (established in November 2021) to provide the latest findings on these topics. 

Prioritising Foodborne Disease with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 

This study outlines the methodology and results of a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) used to rank thirteen foodborne pathogens in order of their detrimental effect on UK society. 

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS)  

Food and You 2: Wave 2: Secondary report focusing on FHRS questions asked in Wave 2.  

Survey of consumer perceptions of alternative, or novel, sources of protein 

Findings from a national representative online survey to understand consumer awareness and perceptions of alternative, or novel, sources of protein. 

January 2022 
26th ACSS Plenary Meeting 

30th Science Council Recruitment Closes 


February 2022 

2nd ACNFP Meeting 
8th COT Meeting 

9th ACMSF Meeting 

10th Extraordinary COT Meeting - EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Opinion  

13th SAC Recruitment Closes  

15th AFFAJEG Meeting  

18th AEJEG Meeting 

22nd FCMJEG Meeting 


March 2022 

9th FSA Board Meeting  

11th Claims cut off for 21/22 Financial Year 

29th COT Meeting  

30th ACNFP Meeting  


April 2022 

5th FCMJEG Meeting 

19th AFFAJEG Meeting 

28th AEJEG Meeting  


May 2022 

10th COT Meeting  

31st AFFAJEG Meeting 


June 2022 

7th FCMJEG Meeting  

8th ACNFP Meeting 

14th AEJEG Meeting  

23rd Science Council Open Meeting  

23rd ACMSF Meeting