Self-Assessments 2022/23

Review of the FSA SACs

Last updated: 08 November 2022

The FSA’s SACs are non-statutory and advisory non-departmental public bodies (ANDPBs) or Departmental Expert Committees (DECs) which are subject to review under the Cabinet Office Public Bodies review programme. Using the Self-Assessment Model provided in the guidelines, the FSA has completed an internal review of three of its SACs, and one review encompassing all three JEGs.  

The purpose of these reviews is to provide assurance to the FSA, and its stakeholders, that the SACs and JEGs roles and purposes are appropriate in addressing the future needs of the FSA, consumers and wider government, and that the bodies are operating effectively and efficiently. 

The results show very few areas of concern for these SACs and JEGs. The reports include future recommendations for each SAC and these are linked below. 

The SACs reviewed are:  

The JEGs reviewed are: