October 2021 Newsletter

Last updated: 09 February 2022

Key Messages

FSA Board Meeting

The agenda and papers for the FSA Board meeting held on 14th September 2021 have been published.

Areas of research interest

Areas of research interest (ARIs) give details about FSA research priorities.

SAC Recruitment

Recruitment of new members will begin early 2022. We’ll be asking you to identify potential experts to invite to apply soon. All information related to recruitment will be added to the website in December/January so please do check back for further details.


Previous Quarters Meetings

22nd June 2021 ACSS Plenary Meeting

6th July COT Meeting

3rd September SETE Working Group

7th September COT Meeting

15th September ACNFP Meeting


FSA Publications

Recent Publications from across the FSA

Science Council Working Group 5

The Science Council published the final report for its review of food hypersensitivity (Working Group 5).

GM and Novel Foods Regulation

The FSA has published research which aims to capture different regulatory approaches and processes into GM and novel foods.

Food and You 2 Survey Results

This flagship survey measures self-reported knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to food safety and other food issues amongst adults in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

National Food Strategy

Part two of the National Food Strategy was published in July. Additionally the paper presented by our CEO Emily Miles at the FSA board meeting last week, which sets out the FSA position regarding the recommendations made in the National Food Strategy, may also be of interest.

Framework for the review of 3rd party evidence

In June the Science Council published its final report, containing advice and recommendations for the FSA when assessing uncommissioned third-party evidence.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) consumer research report

The report details findings from online omnibus surveys run with a nationally representative UK sample in 2016, 2019 and July 2021. The survey explores consumer awareness and understanding of AMR, with the three timepoints allowing change over time to be identified.


Dates For Your Diary

October 2021

5th AFFAJEG Meeting
6th–7th  COT 2-day Workshop
13th–15th UK Global Food Safety Incidents & Emergency Response Conference
21st ACMSF Meeting 

26th COT Meeting

November 2021

5th AEJEG Meeting
24th ACNFP Meeting

December 2021

1st AFFAJEG Meeting
2nd FCMJEG Meeting

7th COT Meeting 
8th FSA Board Meeting
9th Science Council Open Meeting
13th Lay Members Meeting